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SKU: maroon pinup board 2x1.5 feet Category:×45-2×1-5feet-pinup-board-notice-bulletin/p/itmfcxgytxefcnuh?pid=PUBFCX5HFYRYQXS4

A Notice Board is a very important product for Public places like a School. College, University, Public place, Showrooms, Office, and even in your home, where you can place notices, pamphlets, brochures containing various information. A Notice Board should be visually appealing, it plays a vital role in creating an impression in the mind of the viewers. Our Notice Boards are manufactured under strict quality standard and the manufacturing process are 100% eco-friendly. SURFACE: – Made up of High-quality fabric in bright colors CORE MATERIALS:- Made up of 100% eco-friendly soft board core making them lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. Core USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS:- Recommended to use only approved plastic headed Notice Board, Push Pins. Read instruction manual properly FRAM STYLE: – Made up of Lightweight Aluminum anodized frame with Plastic corners to give aesthetics and ergonomically designed to multiply the usage facilities. Fitted with Concealed backside hanging clips so that you can easily mount the board on the wall without any extra external clips. Frame styles or Corner designs may vary sometimes depending on stock availability though without changing the quality of the Boards. PACKING DETAILS: For Board size of 1.5′ x 1′, 1.5′ x 2′ & 3’x2′, 4×3 packing of the board done in corrugated box with thermocol, foams, papers, poly packs, bags, or tapes are used to prevent damage. Note: Colours shown in images may vary in the tint of actual colors because digital colors and color tint of actual fabric may vary




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